How often should you use a hyperbaric chamber?​

How often should you use a hyperbaric chamber?

How often should you use a hyperbaric chamber
Oxygen Therapy for Kids

The term “hyperbaric” is defined as a gas at a pressure greater than normal. Compared to breathing normal air at sea level, hyperbaric oxygen-rich air will drive up to 1200% more oxygen into the bloodstream and other fluids, including lymph and cerebrospinal fluid.

Super-saturating the body with oxygen drives the regeneration of damaged tissue, strengthens the immune system, and provides the body with greater opportunity for healing by:

· Immediately reversing hypoxia

· Acting as a signal inducer of DNA, turning on and off over 5,000 genes

· Stimulating the development of new blood vessels where circulation has been compromised (Angiogenesis)

· Promoting collagen, bone, and cartilage repair and regeneration

· Greatly reducing swelling and inflammation

· Mobilizing and stimulating an increase of stem cells within damaged tissues and in bone marrow

· Enhancing energy production at the cellular level

The Benefits

HBOT is a noninvasive treatment that can address a variety of medical conditions, either as a primary or complementary therapy.

HBOT has very few risks or side effects and may be helpful if you suffer from an inflammatory condition, or a condition that may be improved when blood flow and delivery of oxygen to vital organs and tissues is optimized. Some of the benefits that can result from hyperbaric oxygen therapy are:

· Healing wounds, no matter where they are

· Decreasing wound healing time through increased efficiency

· Reducing the risk of amputation

· Enhancing the brain’s ability to regain neurologic function (Neuroplasticity)

· Decreasing disability

· Reducing pain

· Improving quality of life


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is an excellent way to use simple, natural oxygen in a pressurized chamber for a variety of conditions, like fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy, PTSD, wound/injury healing, and much more.



Treatments should be done in a series, and schedules will vary based on condition, severity and preference, but should always be done consistently

to achieve the best results. Your personal condition and needs will be evaluated and a proper treatment plan will be put into place to determine how

often and how long treatment should take place.


How often treatments take place can vary. Individual conditions will be considered, along with the pace at which the patient would like to achieve


It’s not uncommon for as many as 20 to 80 total sessions to be recommended, and a patient may be required to come in for treatments 5 days a

week, or more, to treat a particular condition.

Some conditions may even benefit from being treated twice a day with HBOT sessions, at least for a short period of time. Some other conditions those

which can’t be healed or cured by traditional or hyperbaric methods – may require a much longer period of treatments.


If, and when, you reach a maintenance phase of treatment, you may only need treatment 1-2 days per week.


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