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we are dedicated to transforming the way you approach health and wellness. With a deep commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, we provide intelligent solutions that empower you to take control of your health journey. 

 Take Control of Your Health Journey?

CAPUER is an industry innovator with leading manufacturing and R & D skills. We are the first company to realize the intelligent control and data monitoring of hyperbaric chamber. All Smartoxy users will be able to use their devices as safely and easily as home appliances, and they will be able to witness changes to their bodies in a documented database. We are committed to providing well-being to every customer in our hyperbaric chamber. The professional engineer carries on the strict security test to each equipment, the professional designer carefully designs each use detail, ensures the user convenient security and the data record accuracy. We care deeply about all who contact US and are cautious and sensitive about your health investments. CAPUER always serving our customers.

SmartOxy —Smart Control

Button and touch screen controls

Voice control (can be operated by one person)
Voice prompt (process prompt is very safe to use for the first time)
Automatic constant pressure (automatic variable pressure automatic
constant pressure algorithm to meet special needs)
Voice communication inside and outside the cabin

Mechanical Fault self-diagnosis system is safer

SmartOxy-Data Acquisition

Cabin environment data acquisition (temperature, humidity, pressure,

oxygen concentration)
Human body data collection (oxygen saturation, heart rate, blood
pressure, microcirculation)
Screen display process environment curve changes

Store the whole process of environmental data curve changes

Smartoxy- Hardware Networking

The system exchanges data with the server over WiFi or 4G

Upload all environmental data in the process of product running
Upload all human data during the process of product operation
The server can view historical run data curves for easy analysis and
Data classification storage creates a more comprehensive commercial

profile for users